Hawaii Mandap Weddings

Among some of the most visually appealing weddings that we have seen are Mandap weddings.  In traditional Hindu and Jain ceremonies, a mandap is basically a covered structure that is similar to a gazebo.  They come in many designs, shapes, and styles as is almost always the centerpiece of the wedding.  At Hawaiian Style Event Rentals, we’ve found that Mandap weddings are a perfect match for the natural beauty found throughout Maui.

Mandap Ceremony

Along with its beauty, the mandap symbolizes much about the family of the two being joined in matrimony.  For instance, the four pillars are representative of the two sets of parents presenting their children to be wed.  Part of the ceremony includes the exchange of garlands (floral arrangements typically placed around the neck.  This exchange is a symbolization of acceptance by each party of the union.  Afterwards the couple is seated on lavish chairs and their parents sit beside them as religious rites are performed by a priest.

Mandap Decorations

A primary part of the décor is floral arrangements.  This is yet another perfect match for Hawaii.  Natural flowers of all varieties are available throughout Maui, making this part of the setup easy.  The Mandap is placed on an elevated stage which adds prominence to the structure as well as providing an easier visual point for all the guests.  The Mandap is beautified with a large selection of flowers, bells, pots, statues, and familial/sacred items.

Modern Mandaps

While traditional mandaps are stone structures that are immovable, modern mandaps can be constructed to meet the needs of Hawaiian destination weddings.  Our team can customize constructed mandaps with ground lights, chandeliers, curtains, mirrors, vibarant colors and numerous objects.

Are you imaging your Mandap wedding in Hawaii?  Give our team a call and tell us about what you are visualizing!  We’d love to help your dream wedding become a reality.

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