Love is always in the air on the islands of Hawaii.

Thousands of people get married here each year, with almost 18,000 occurring in 2019 alone. Perhaps it’s the sunshine, the friendly locals, or simply because this tropical destination feels like heaven on earth.

Keep reading to find out how to make your dream of a Hawaii destination wedding into a reality.

Start With a Little Research

Before you start running towards the nearest airport, take some time to sit and think about what type of wedding you want.

Make calls to businesses in Hawaii, do some internet tourism, and chat with your partner to figure out what the most ideal event would look like.

Here’s a guide to get you thinking in the right direction.

The Costs of a Hawaii Destination Wedding

Roughly 28% of couples go into debt to pay for their special day.

You don’t have to follow in their footsteps if you plan accordingly.

Read our guide on wedding planning on a budget to help you cut costs.

Otherwise, think about the various expenses involved in a wedding, including:

  • The venue
  • Furniture (e.g. arches, canopies, and so on)
  • Tables and chairs
  • Dance floors
  • Lighting and electronics
  • Bars
  • Decor
  • Linens
  • Flowers
  • Catering

Prices vary based on the number of guests who are able to attend, which is why many people choose to have more intimate weddings when choosing the destination of Hawaii.

Location, Location

While it’s known as Hawaii collectively, the state consists of various islands and landscapes.

Choose a location that fulfills your needs for travel, a venue, and other accommodations. Then, decide on whether you want to be near beaches, deserts, mountains, or rainforests.

It might also help to choose an island that has attractions for the wedding party before and after the event.

If you want a picturesque sunset, try to find a west-facing location so you can get the best view.

Once you decide on a spot, try to reserve accommodations at a venue far enough in advance to ensure you get what you’re looking for.

Luckily, the weather in Hawaii is pretty steady and easy to navigate, so you can have a wedding at any time of the year.

Incorporating the Aloha Feel

While you don’t have to add Hawaiian culture to your wedding, it would make sense to do so since you’ll be celebrating there.

You can create a blend of culture, adding Hawaiian flowers, instruments, and foods, while decorating in a way that is more traditional to your home state. Local businesses and venues should be able to help you achieve this.

In doing so, you’ll be able to honor the islands and people there in a memorable and unique way.

Take Advantage of a Beautiful Location

Beyond normal wedding planning, you can also plan smaller events surrounding your big day.

Consider having a welcome dinner for guests, a post-wedding brunch, group activities, and, of course, rehearsal dinner.

The options are endless and depend entirely upon what you want out of the experience.

Enlist the help of the venue you choose for rentals, planning, and beyond.

Dream Big

Dreaming big doesn’t necessarily mean spending big.

It simply means planning out the little details so that they come together in a beautiful and memorable way. Choose the right location and take the rest one step at a time.

Contact us so we can help make your dream of a Hawaiian destination wedding come true.

Did you know that over 9 million tourists visit Hawaii each year?

From the stunning beaches to the eclectic eats and laid-back culture, it’s no wonder why so many people put Hawaii at the top of their travel bucket list.

If you’re thinking about planning a destination wedding, there’s no place that’s more magical than Hawaii. Getting married in Maui can be a life-changing experience for both you and your guests.

Do you want to know how you can plan the ultimate Maui wedding? Keep reading to learn 5 helpful tips.

1. Set a Budget

Maui weddings can be expensive due to travel fare alone. This is why setting a budget and planning as far ahead as possible can help you score the best deals. Getting married during a slow travel season, keeping your guest list small, and renting wedding equipment instead of buying it are just a few ways to cut your expenses.

2. Work with Local Vendors

If you want to have a wedding in Maui, you should plan an immersive Hawaiian experience. Not only will working with local vendors keep your costs low, but you’ll also get to enjoy authentic and unique food, music, entertainment, and more.

3. Make Sure You Obtain Permits and Licenses

One of the top benefits of planning a wedding in Maui is that the location is tropical, but you’re still in U.S. territory. This means that obtaining your marriage license before the ceremony will be a breeze.

Aside from getting your marriage license, you’ll also need to hire a licensed officiant. Another important detail to note is that Maui beach weddings may require special permits depending on your specific location. If you’re able to secure a spot on the beach, it’s important to know that alcohol is not allowed there, so you’ll need to host your reception elsewhere.

4. Do Your Research on Photographers

One of the most important steps in planning your wedding is hiring a stellar photographer. Since you’re going through all of the trouble of hosting an exciting wedding in Maui, you should have plenty of gorgeous photos that capture the highlights of your big day. Make sure you study each photographer’s portfolio, compare rates, and choose the person you believe will take the best pictures.

5. Have Fun Exploring the Island

Weddings are supposed to be the happiest day of our lives, yet many people get overwhelmed with planning. The beauty of getting married in Hawaii is that you’ll be in the perfect place to de-stress and enjoy some quality time with your loved ones. Make sure you plan plenty of outings to explore the island and visit the best attractions in Maui.

Getting Married in Maui Will Be an Unforgettable Experience

As long as you start planning early, getting married in Maui can be beautiful and stress-free.

If you want to make planning easier, Hawaiian Style Event Rentals would love to help you create your dream wedding layout. Check out our wedding rentals to find your perfect decor, lighting, furniture, and so much more.

Hawaii is a wonderful place to get married.  Our nation’s fiftieth state is so special. It is well-known for its rich culture, breathtaking mountains, friendly people, active volcanoes, and unique sandy beaches. It’s no wonder that people flock to Hawaii to tie the knot with the person they love most in the whole wide world. If you want to have a wedding in Hawaii, there are so many beautiful venues from which to choose.

So Many Beautiful Locations

If you want to get married in Hawaii, there are so many options available to you. You can get married on a beach or a mountaintop. Many resorts offer wedding facilities, and there are also lovely spots for your event in parks and within Hawaii’s small towns. Hawaii also has several cities on its eight islands, and each of them has numerous wedding venues to offer as well.

No matter what location you choose, you can’t go wrong. However, although Hawaii has some of the best weather in the entire world year-round, there are some times of year that are better for your wedding than others. For a wedding outside, you don’t want to have to worry about rain, and you certainly don’t want your guests to travel to the tropical Hawaiian islands and end up cold.

Read on to learn everything you need to know about the best time of year to have a wedding in Hawaii.

The Best Time of Year for a Wedding in Hawaii

You can have a successful wedding in Hawaii at any time of the year. However, some months are colder and rainier than others. If you want to have a good shot at enjoying a beautiful, sunny, sky-blue day for your wedding in Hawaii, then any season will do, but there is some variation in the seasons that you should be aware of.

Year-round, the temperature in Hawaii usually hovers between 75-85 degrees during the day. Because this is an island state, even when it’s warm and humid, the weather is quite bearable due to the cool breezes that flow in from the ocean.

Seasons in Hawaii

The seasons in Hawaii can be quite different from one another. Although they don’t fluctuate as much as the weather in many other parts of the United States, there are some variables about which you should know.

In the summer, days are longer, and temperatures are often at the higher end of the range. If you wish to have an event that goes late into the evening, summer is a great time for one. The light will work in your favor, and the temperature will be perfect for your guests’ comfort.

The weather is on the cooler end of the spectrum in the spring. Spring is a great time for excellent wedding photos thanks to the frequent appearance of rainbows and the emergence of many beautiful flowers. If you’re someone who does not like heat and humidity, spring may be the right choice for you.

Winter is cooler still, but it also often comes with a lot of rain. However, there are also plenty of beautiful and sunny days in the winter in Hawaii, too. If you don’t mind taking a chance, you can save a lot of money by booking your Hawaii wedding in the wintertime. Further, if you live somewhere cold, your guests will welcome the opportunity to go somewhere warmer during mainland winter and may not be bothered by a little warm precipitation.

Happy Wedding Planning

Now that you know a bit more about the seasons and weather in Hawaii, you can go on to be a much more knowledgable and prepared planner. No matter when you decide to have your wedding in Hawaii, it will surely be beautiful, but when choosing a time, the weather is certainly something to consider. Good luck, and have a great wedding!

If you’re looking for help planning your wedding in Hawaii, please contact us today. We are here to help and can offer many insights about everything you need to know to enjoy the best wedding you and your guests have ever attended.

Did you know that the average wedding costs $33,931? And this price excludes the costs associated with a honeymoon?

Before you break out into a cold sweat, though, it’s important to remember that making frugal choices can bring these costs down CONSIDERABLY. What’s more, strategic wedding planning will ensure your big day doesn’t feel cheap.

Here’s our list of the top ways to stay on budget without sacrificing elegance or luxury.

Pare Down that Guest List

One of the fastest ways that couples exceed their budget remains inviting too many people to their wedding. So, put this cost-saving strategy at the top of your wedding planning checklist.

Sure, it’s tempting to invite everyone and their nephew to your official coupledom, but you’ll pay for it in the long run. If you have trouble cutting down your guest list numbers, then consider the per head price of your event (including the reception.)

Seeing actual monetary figures will help you quickly decide who needs to come to your wedding and who doesn’t.

When you invite fewer people, you also make your event more intimate, and this means a better experience for all. Start by narrowing your list down by 20 percent. Then do this again to get down to a list of essential guests.

Congrats! You’ve just saved yourself hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

When It Comes to Catering, Think Strategically

Besides a bloated guest list, another big piece of your wedding budget remains catering. That’s why we suggest catering the event yourself. Or, hiring a family-owned restaurant.

This one choice alone will save you thousands of dollars in food costs, and if you keep it simple, catering the event yourself is easier than you think. But if that falls well outside of your comfort zone, then consider hiring a family-owned restaurant.

Family-owned restaurants go the extra mile when catering private events, which means you’ll maximize the quality of the final product while staying within budget.

Pick Your Venue Carefully

Another massive expense when it comes to weddings? The cost of renting a function hall or building. To save money yet still enjoy a day you’ll celebrate for a lifetime, hold the event at your home or that of a parent or a close friend.

Another fantastic option? Head outdoors for the event. A beautiful outdoor location will impress everyone.

Combine this with wedding arch rental, and you’ve got the makings of the perfect stage for gorgeous wedding photos.

That said, we suggest making arrangements for a backup location at a private home just in case the weather goes south.

Opt for Rentals Instead of Purchases

Another effective way to cut back on the costs associated with the wedding ceremony and reception? Taking full advantage of wedding rental options.

Use rental equipment rather than purchasing items. Rentals include everything from tables and chairs to lighting fixtures, bars, linens, and more.

While you might not think to purchase extra table linens will put you way over budget, many little purchases add up. What’s more, going with wedding rentals will also ensure the uniformity of your celebration.

Wedding Planning that Doesn’t Break the Budget

You don’t have to go into serious debt when tying the knot. But your wedding planning needs to be savvy and strategic to get the most bang for your buck.

Fortunately, we can help. Contact us to discuss planning a wedding on a budget without compromising its quality and appeal.

You’ve said yes, and now you’re planning your dream wedding in Maui. With such a beautiful, tropical location as your backdrop, it’s important to fill your big day with all the right accessories to bring the magical moment to life. Hawaiian Style Event Rentals is the ideal place to go for all your wedding event rentals needs.

As you look for Maui wedding venues, keep in mind that Hawaiian Style Event Rentals has everything you need to make any venue truly shine. Do you need a dance floor or tents to make any of the magical outdoor Maui wedding venues feel more welcoming? Hawaiian Style Event Rentals has a wide range for you to select from. With different styles of chairs, tables, lighting fixtures, and bars, you can make any venue the right venue for your special occasion.

Why Hawaiian Style Event Rentals?

What makes Hawaiian Style Event Rentals different from all the other wedding event rentals out there? They pride themselves on their customer service and attention to detail. You’ll truly feel like the center of attention when you let Hawaiian Style Event Rentals help you design and carry out your special day. With a huge selection of items to choose from, you’re sure to find everything you could possibly want, and if you’re looking for something completely unique, they can custom craft items designed exclusively for your big day.

Have a wedding that’s as magical as the island and support a local wedding rentals Maui business by choosing to work with Hawaiian Style Event Rentals. Peruse their portfolio of events to get ideas for your own perfect day or just to see the many perfect days they’ve already created for their clients. Your big day should be as worry-free as possible, so choose a wedding rentals Maui business that will keep your stress down and take care of decorating and setting up for you.

It’s your day, the one day where you can truly shine, and there’s no better place to do that then on the island of Maui. With everything that goes into planning a wedding, let the décor and staging be the easy part. Imagine your perfect wedding, and then choose Hawaiian Style Event Rentals to help you recreate the wedding of your dreams. Make sure your day is done right and done well by utilizing the helpful staff at Hawaiian Style Event Rentals, where they can take your dream and make it a reality.

Are you planning a wedding or a formal corporate event?  One of the best ways to make it a success is to pay close attention to the details.  In either event—weddings or corporate—beauty matters.  The look of the event affects its aura, the memories captured in photos and videos, and how those attending feels about the function.  Hawaii Style Event Rentals carries a wide selection of items that vastly improve the appearance of events of all types.

One item that many of our clients eventually inquire about is table linens.  Here’s why.

Table Linens & Event Décor

It can be understated how much table linens change the décor of your event.  Linens change the mood, set expectations about the elegance of your event, help to control sound, and reduce problems with food and drink spills.  Let’s take a closer look at each of these aspects.

  • Improved Elegance. There is a reason why top-flight restaurants, hotels, and other venues utilize table linens.  They are regarded by the majority as a sign of elegance and class.  In fact, regarding restaurants, 75% of American consumers equate table linens to superior food quality.  For the most part, table linens help to set the stage for a stylish event.
  • Noise Reduction. Linens help to reduce noises that are amplified by hard surfaces.  This could be helpful when you are having speaking parts of your event.  How?  The linens can help to reduce hard echoes produced from bare tables and increase the clarity of the speech.
  • Spill Absorption. When foods and drinks are spilled, they can quickly spread and affect multiple people.  Spills can also create slip hazards which can detract from the event and cause a scene.  Table linens minimize spills even when they occur by absorbing much of the substances.

Are you ready to look at different types of linens for your upcoming event?  Give us a call so we can get you started!

Hawaiian Style Event Rentals



Managing a wedding, and that too your own is a daunting task. Running here and there to get the preparations, handing out invites, and arranging for almost everything. Being on an emotional rollercoaster and still trying to manage everything that you and your spouse love is both sweet and exhausting.

In order to make things easier, here is a smart little list of questions that you should ask your caterer, before your wedding, it covers all the basis for your wedding;

Have You Worked At My Venue Before?

This is the smartest question. You can simply ask him to show arrangement sample pictures (if he/she has) or the arrangements he/she made back then and ask him to make appropriate changes to bring a bit more uniqueness to your wedding. Not only this, since the caterer has worked before, he would be able to give more insights and would help you to improve on the mistakes which were made the last time.

Which Services Are Not Included?

Save your time, you can see what a caterer offers over internet, pamphlets and all the marketing material he provides. Get straight down to the business and ask him what is not included! It gives you a much larger picture and gives you the tools to work with while deciding on the caterer.

Where Does The Food Come From?

Ask about the source of the food, if the ingredients are locally grown, or are being bought from supermarkets. If they are seasonal or not. It would help you decide a better menu that tastes fresh and good.

Once The Guest Count Is Given, Do You Allow Changes To Be Made?

One of the most important questions about your wedding is guest lists. There are always some relatives who are late to respond or some friend who wants to bring a plus one in the last minute. Ask your caterer if he entertains last minute changes in the guest lists.

How many events will you cater on my wedding day?

Among all the other questions you asked, ask him/her how many other events is he/she handling at the given date, and if prospect caterer is  handling other events, ask him/her how they plan to provide their best services to you and if he/she would get distracted and ruin both the events.

The list of question goes on and on, however, these are the least asked questions and are extremely necessary to ask your caterer. Make sure that you plan your questions ahead of time and ask them all the right questions!!

When you are planning a wedding, the color palette can quickly become a big point of debate. What colors represent you? Represent the day? The mood? The season? Do any of these options clash with each other? Well, to help ease some of that pressure, here are a few color trends that are making a big splash in 2019.

Dusty Rose. With a mix of light purples, dark burgundies, and navy blue; Dusty Rose is a palette that is both non-traditional, yet oddly precedent of the more subdued and darker tones that have been a growing style staple of weddings in the past few years. These colors really feel sleek and present a sharp focus that will get your guests taking notice for all the right reasons.

Sun Yellow. This palette of canary yellow, dark red, and pale blue is perfect for a Spring or Summer wedding. These colors allow the yellow to really stand out and paints a great muted backdrop of sky and earth tones to perfectly compliment the bright glow of the yellows. Expect to see these colors in plenty of Bridal parties in 2019.

Sunset. This might be our personal favorite palette, as it evokes both a nostalgic vibe while also being very modern with its mix of peach orange colors and rustic grays & beige. This color palette pairs well with the Fall season best, but we can see this being a big hit any time of the year, as it also doubles as having a generally pleasant feel for evening weddings.

No matter which color palette you decide on, Hawaiian Style Event Rentals has you covered with years of expertise and a limitless amount of options at play for your next Wedding or event decor. So contact us today and get started planning your next event! 

One of the main services that our team features is wedding rentals.  Over the years, Hawaii Style Event Rentals has assisted hundreds of couples with building a beautiful wedding at the venue of their choosing.  Maui has a wide variety of venues that allow for marriages ceremonies.  Below are a few.

Maui Tropical Plantation

A quick overhead view of the Maui Tropical Plantation is astonishing.  The lush green grounds provide ample room for a variety of wedding setups.  This venue has numerous places that accommodate small groups (about 6 people) and large groups (up to 6,000 guests).  Some of the places that the Maui Tropical Plantation features include:

  • Chef’s Table
  • Tropical Gazebo
  • Grand View
  • Lagoon Island
  • Village Lawn
  • Royal Palm Lawn
  • Sugar Room
  • Orchard Lawn
  • The Mill House Dining Room
  • The Mill House Lounge
  • The Mill House Lanai
  • Tropical Tower
  • Field of Dream
  • Sunflower Field

Cliff House

Renovated by Montage Kapalua Bay, Cliff House is a historical point built in 1940.  The venue features a mesmerizing lookout point of the Pacific Ocean and the islands of Moloka’I and Lana’i.  This site is perfect for a more intimate wedding since it is designed to host no more than 40 people.

Ala Kukui Hana Retreat

As a cultural center featuring information about Hawaiian life, food, spirituality, intellectual advancement, and traditions, Ala Kukui is continually used by couples.  We’ve seen weddings of various theme accomplished with ease here.  Another highlight of this location is the ability to involve local cultural practitioners in your wedding.

These above represents only a few locations that you can reserve for your wedding.  Check back at our blog for more venues that we’ll go into depth about.  Hawaiian Style Event Rentals provides everything you’ll need for your wedding’s setup.

Hawaiian Style Event Rentals

Astounding oceanfront views, amazing weather, iconic Hawaiian culture, and scenic island escapes make Maui a favorite destination for couples seeking to tie the knot.  Hawaii is among the most popular wedding destination spots in the world.  Furthermore, the team at Hawaiian Style Event Rentals helps couples realize their dream wedding.

If you are imagining sealing your vows on the beach, on a sailboat, from a mountain view, or within a historic building, you’ll love what Maui has to offer.

Beach Weddings

If you and your significant other enjoy the beach, you’ll love the sands of Maui.  We’ve seen many a couple present their vows with their toes in the sands.  Additionally, the beaches of Maui host so many activities for couples to enjoy.  After you say ‘I do’, you’ll have an array of things to get into on the island.

Park & Garden Weddings

The natural fauna and State Parks of Hawaii are simply beautiful.  Your wedding party can enjoy the surroundings of tropical gardens or open grassy lawns.  There are too many places in Maui to recount in one blog.  If you are looking for places for your wedding, give our team a call.  We know the island inside out!

Historic Weddings

Maui is steep with history and culture.  It is difficult to not find places of historical significance throughout the island.  Fans of historical building and sites will be amazed at the setups that others have had for their weddings at these sites.  Any of these locations can be the perfect backdrop for a picturesque wedding.

If we were to give an account of all that Maui has to offer in terms of wedding venues, this blog would be pages long.  Instead of imagining what your wedding may be like in Maui, why not give a professional a call for advice.  We are open to help you look over ideas, find locations, and of course rent all the items you’ll need for your special day.

Hawaiian Style Event Rentals