After all the time that you have spent making sure to select the perfect Private Estate for your Maui wedding, you’ll want everything else to be perfect for your big day. Did you know that many private estates here on Maui do not allow real glass to be used on their properties? It’s true. The last thing you want on your perfect Maui wedding day is for your guests to be using cheap, plastic champagne glasses from the grocery store! Hawaiian Style Event Rentals has solved this problem for you, we are now offering high-end, non-breakable, Polycarbonate drinkware!

Hawaiian Rents

Our Polycarbonate drinkware has the sparkling clarity of glass but will not break like glass will if dropped. Unlike acrylic glassware, Polycarbonate resists clouding and is also top-rack dishwasher-safe and scratch resistant!


So along with your beautiful private estate and gorgeous decor, your guests will be able to toast and drink to you in style! We offer water, wine and champagne in non-breakable Polycarbonate drinkware, delivered straight to your wedding location on your big day! Please contact Hawaiian Style Event Rentals for more information, we would love to hear from you!